Buoy Group in the Metals and Steel Industry

Strategic Market Presence: BUOY GROUP stands as a key player, leaving its imprint across more than 48 countries in the dynamic Metals and Steel Industry. Our strategic market presence positions us as a pivotal entity, functioning as a trading intermediary and a value-adding service provider.

Integrated Steel Supply Chain: Operating at the heart of the steel supply chain, BUOY GROUP seamlessly spans every stage of the process. Our comprehensive services cover a spectrum of materials and products, ranging from fundamental raw materials to meticulously crafted finished products.

Trusted by Industry Leaders: From the smallest foundries to the largest steelmakers, BUOY GROUP earns the trust of the world's most successful scrap consumers. Our role is crucial, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials essential for diverse operations, contributing to the creation of flat-rolled steel for automobiles, rebar for roadways, and structural steel beams for construction.

Diverse Offerings in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap: BUOY GROUP extends its reach beyond ferrous scrap to supply non-ferrous scrap, including stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, lead, and zinc. These materials find purpose in the operations of smelters, refiners, ingot makers, foundries, and various manufacturers.

Holistic Approach in Trading:
Our involvement transcends the supply of raw materials; we engage in trading semi-finished steel items like Slabs and Billets, facilitating rerolling for steel mills. Additionally, we handle the trading and brokerage of finished steels such as Hot Rolled Coils, Hot Rolled Steel Plates, Cold Rolled Coils, and Galvanized Steel Coils.

Dynamic Competitive Edge:
BUOY GROUP's dynamic competitive edge stems from its omnipresence in every tier of the supply chain. This multi-level engagement positions us uniquely in the industry.

Global Commitment to Supply:
Our commitment is global, aiming to ensure a consistent and competitive supply of essential commodities to the worldwide Steel & Metals Industry. As part of our growth strategy, we are actively developing an Iron Ore and Coal Trading Desk, expanding our presence in major mining regions.

Comprehensive Solutions for Steel and Energy:
BUOY GROUP envisions providing soup-to-nuts solutions, contributing significantly to the Steel and Energy sector. Our mission is to successfully meet the diverse needs of customers around the world, solidifying our status as a comprehensive solution provider in the industry.