Buoy Sail Building Contracting LLC is a natural evolution of our concerted efforts and growth as a company and I am excited and confident in our expansion into the challenging construction industry.

We are committed to introducing and implementing new standards of excellence, to establish close relationship with our clients, to meet their expectations and needs, and to provide them with best services the market has to offer.

We at Buoy Sail Buliding Contracting offer our clients the benefit of quality, cost competitiveness and experience of a team that has been carefully assembled. Our organizational policies, structure and project management approach is designed to achieve the desired outcomes that all project stake holders expect. Our goal is thus to build long term value for customers, stakeholders, partners, employees and for the society at large.

We know that success is not achieved overnight, and in little under a quarter of a century we have built on strong foundations and principals to create a strong company that has earned the trust and admiration of clients, suppliers and staff. As we look ahead to the future, we eagerly embrace new technologies, innovative thinking, and operational and technical change, but our commitment at all levels, to excellence, quality and relationships remain the cornerstone of the Buoy Sail Group success story.